I remember my grandparents watching game shows every night! Pat & Vanna feel like old friends to me. The new Press Your Luck was so good!! You should watch it if you get a chance.

The kite!! Amazing. What a find.

I'm feeling very stuck with my Substack, too. I've been thinking maybe I should just give it up. I enjoy making the comics, but I don't really need to share them and asking people to read about these small moments in my life feels vain, exhausting, and silly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm definitely contemplating my options.

I do truly enjoy your Sunday emails, so if it feels like they're going into a vacuum and disappearing (that's how I feel about mine), they are not! I look forward to it each week.

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"Higher Bob!" "Lower, Bob!" This is the one I remember from Card Sharks that sticks with me as much as "No whammies! No whammies!" We did watch a lot of games shows in my house as children, as well. Mostly during summer vacation from school, when we would spend almost every day with my cousins - who were avid game show lovers and board game lovers. They even had a Family Feud board game we would play. And every now and then, I still like to throw on the Wheel and Jeopardy pairing every now and then, even if it feels like the questions are getting harder. Ha!

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