This post was so beautiful. The message in a bottle metaphor resonated. The number of times we package our insides into a communication form, send it out, hoping for it to be received and understood is countless in a lifetime. When its received and acknowledged by someone - whether a friend, a family member, a stranger, an acquaintance - it is magical. I found a message in a bottle once when I was in Russia (another story), and it was a surreal magical experience... Probably because of Sting and all of the lore around such things. There were some rubles in it and a message but I don't remember what it was. I wish I did. And I wish I remember who sent it and why. Anyway, this and the Neil Gaiman quotes (I have his book on audible but should probably have it in hand) also give grounding and staying power to the practice of art no matter what. Above all... thank you for this post todat... Message received and acknowledged and appreciated!

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