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Six weeks have passed quickly. Although I had imagined something different in terms of content, e.g. direct instruction on writing instead of cues how to get on with writing. However, I was able to make positive discoveries, such as for me it is better to write with a fountain pen than to type something. I had no problems with the individual chapters. Only the word 'Synchronicity' made me think. I don't think I have any bigger writing problems than others, but I miss the direct exchange. I wish there would be an authors club around the corner where I live. I find it difficult to pass on my writings to an complete stranger. Sounds familiar? At least now I feel less crazy. However, the whole process of publishing is new to me. I certainly lack support, as perhaps most of us do. I am sure the day will come and I just pop it all in an envelope or send it out by e-mail. I read just somewhere that once you have a certain feeling about your writing, then you know for sure to send it out. I am waiting for this feeling to come and hopefully are ready to embrace it. I don't think my writing practice is a lonely time. I have never felt lonely during this process. It is more or less like that I felt 'whole' while writing. Hope that make sense to you all. Still, support in the sense of sharing, I would certainly wish for that. Cameron's book is certainly good to have read to discover e.g. any blockages. An entry book rather than a book with professional hints. A self-help book which is why it is prob for some a lonely time? It was nice that we could exchange ideas in this group during this time. At least to read others perspectives on it. My writing has changed. I switched from digital to analog, I have learned that only what I love myself I can write about. What I have not solved is my time management. I write for several hours and days and after I am too exhausted to continue. This is something that makes me angry about myself. It's like stop and go. But I am working on it to find more consistency on my writing.

Amy, thank you for the time you have invested on this. For your feedback on our comments.

Currently I am reading 'Rooms of Their Own, Where Great Writers Write' by Alex Johnson. A very amusing book that describes the writing capabilities of many well-known authors like Margret Mitchell, Haruki Murakami .... Margaret Mitchell surprised me the most. Her book 'Gone with the Wind' and all its chapters were stored in envelopes. Yes, envelopes! She transported all envelopes one day in a suitcase to a publishers house. No page numbering. No chapters where numbered. During the past more envelopes have been found as Mitchell used them to underlay wobbly furniture. However, she wrote the last chapter first and had several outcomes on some chapters.

Just an inspiration to all authors: keep on writing no matter how or where. Just keep it up. Stop doubting. Let words flow writers!

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